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Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Download Files From Torrentz in Android Mobile.Very-Very Easy!

How to Download Files From Torrentz in Android Mobile.Very-Very Easy!::.
Hello Everybody, Torrrent is now most fames site for downloads.we all are very familiar with torrent as most of the internet user download there file using torrent client. For downloading torrent you need a client installed on PC but now you can easily download torrent file on your smart phone i.e., Android. You just need a tTorrent Lite(Download Below) app installed on your phone and you are done.

Step 1: Download tTorrent Lite Android app [Click Here]

Step 2: Once you have downloaded tTorrent Lite and installed it ion your android device you need to download required torrent file, its obvious that without torrent file what will you download, so do that first and save to your SD card or Phone memory.

Step3: Now open tTorrent Lite app and browse the torrent file which you had downloaded. 

Step 4: Once file is added click on Download tab your download will be started.

Step 5: With tTorrent Lite you can also increase and decrease upload speed.

Note : If you are using Wi-Fi you can also turn it on/off as per requirements.

Writer-Harpeet Insan(Author)
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