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Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to Add a Web Clip Icon to Home Screen In Android Mobile?

How to Add a Web Clip Icon to Home Screen:
If you frequently visit a web page, you can tap a web clip or bookmark icon on your home screen and quickly access the page without the need to touch the Browser icon. This web clip icon can be added to your home screen easily:
  1. Add a Web Clip IconOn the page you often visit, tap the Menu buttonMenu-16.png in Android's Browser.
  2. Select 'Save to bookmarks'.
  3. Edit the Label if necessary, then select 'Add to' and tap "Home Screen'.
Next time you visit the same web page, just tap the web clip icon on your home screen. Some websites including Gizmo's Freeware have a web clip icon which has been customized for you (see the screenshot).


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